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"God's Paper Cutter", Artist Chen Chih-Hsu Teaching Creativity At Datong 108 Starting April 13
Publish Date:106-04-13
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Latest News
Artist Chen Chih-Hsu came from Matsu, he is and expert at crafting, also a papercutting artist, he has inherited the local traditional papercutting techniques, combining with beliefs and religion, brought paper crafts into churches, becoming "someone who cuts paper for God". Chen previously released a book "Matsu Flower Cutting" which received a lot of attention, furthermore hosting many workshops locally and internationally; this year, he became a permanent artist of the Taipei Artists Village, and will visit Hsinchu City on April 13 to teach, creating unique "old town regeneration base paper flower cutting" with the public, experiencing the old town street area, architectural impressions and cultural heritages.
After the "Strolling in Old Town- Anecdote Collections" event, Hsinchu City Government "Old Town Festival – Part 2" series "Old Town Prints – Paper Flower Creation" will be on at 2pm at the Datong 108 Regeneration Base, Artist Chen will start from basic papercutting, separating into 4 stages, from "knowing papercutting, papercutting I, papercutting II, and sharing creativity", allowing the public to experience this unique element, through the process of "old town regeneration base paper flower cutting", stimulating different imaginations for the old town area.
Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated, the event invites the public to collect different symbols and window, architectural elements of the old town, re-think life and the environment, sharing and discuss amongst the group and respond to the new looks for the area, involving the residents and public, adding connection to the old town, combining the consensus, in order to bring out more elements of imagination.
Apart from papercutting, Artist Chen also has talents in woodworks, carving, and lacquer, fusing different crafts with daily life, digging up new possibilities. His book "Matsu Flower Cutting" which was released in 2003 inherited a Matsu granny's papercutting skills, he also attended many papercutting events, workshops and exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. Moreover, he also participated in churches' decoration arts, fusing traditional papercutting with biblical stories, becoming someone who "cuts paper for God".
The Department of Urban Development stated, "Old Town Prints – Paper Flower Creation" will host separate events in April and May; April 13 – knowing papercutting, April 20 – papercutting 1, April 27 – papercutting 2, and May 5 – sharing creativity; all events start at 2PM, the public is welcomed to register online at, or visit the Old Town Regeneration Base at No.108 Datong Road, all sessions are free of charge.
Photo Source: Chih-Hsu Chen Craft and Art, DaQiao Atelier
Translated By: Lin Chuan-Jen 


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