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Hsinchu City Government

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Contact Number

City Government extensions
conntel_listCounselors' and Secretariats' Office conntel_list1Department of Civil Affairs conntel_list2Department of Finance
conntel_listDepartment of Economic Development conntel_list1Department of Education conntel_list2Department of Public Works
conntel_listDepartment of Urban Development conntel_list1Department of Transportation conntel_list2Department of Social Affars
conntel_listDepartment of Land Administration conntel_list1Department of General Affairs conntel_list2Department of Labor Affairs
conntel_listDepartment of City Marketing conntel_list1Department of Personnel conntel_list2Department of Civil Service Ethics
conntel_listDepartment of Budget, Accounting and Statistics conntel_list1Police Bureau conntel_list2Public Health Bureau
conntel_listLocal Tax Bureau conntel_list1Environmental Protection Bureau conntel_list2Fire Bureau
conntel_listCultural Affairs Bureau conntel_list1East District Office conntel_list2North District Office
conntel_listSiangshan District Office conntel_list1East District Household Registration Office conntel_list2North District Household Registration Office
conntel_listXiangshan Household Registration Office conntel_list1Land Office conntel_list2Zoo
conntel_listStadium conntel_list1Family Education Center conntel_list2Mortuary Services Office
conntel_listEast District Public Health Center conntel_list1North District Public Health Center conntel_list2Siangshan District Public Health Center
conntel_listAnimal Protection and Health Inspection Office conntel_list1 conntel_list2

Counselors' and Secretariats' Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Consumer Ombudsman's Office ext.412
Counselors' Office ext.204~207、396~397 Consumer Ombudsman's Office ext.424
Secretariats' Office (registration desk) ext.423 Consumer Service Center ext.427
Secretariats' Office ext.313、518~519、533、553~554、556、574
Department of Civil Affairs extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Religions and Folk Customs Section ext.233
Deputy Director's Office ext.230 Conscription Section(Head) ext.317
Specialist ext.477 Conscription Section ext.314
Local Governance Section(Head) ext.468 Conscription Section(Service) ext.315
Local Governance Section ext.232~234 Conscription Section(Medical Examination) ext.319
Household Registration Section (Head) ext.504 Conscription Section (Recruitment) ext.316
Household Registration Section ext.235~236 Indigenous People Affairs Section(Head) ext.586
International and Mainland China's Affairs Section(Head) ext.559 Indigenous People Affairs Section ext.231、562
International and Mainland China's Affairs Section ext.502~503 Registration Desk ext.535
Religions and Folk Customs Section (Head) ext.353
Department of Finance extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Treasury Section ext.219、220、241、381
Deputy Director's Office ext.238 Tobacco, Alcohol and Local Financial Institutions Management Section(Head) ext.487
Specialist ext.244 Tobacco, Alcohol and Local Financial Institutions Management Section ext.242、487
Financial Management Section (Head) ext.561 Public Property Section(Head) ext.221
Financial Management Section ext.239、380、536~537 Public Property Section ext.243、245
Treasury Section(Head) ext.240 Registration Desk ext.488
Department of Economic Development extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Agriculture, Forestry and Husbandry Section (Registration Desk) ext.250
Deputy Director's Office ext.247 Industry and Commerce Section(Head) ext.253
Fisheries Section(Head) ext.382 Industry and Commerce Section ext.255~258
Fisheries Section ext.252、516~517 Industry and Commerce Section(Registration Desk) ext.254
Ecological Conservation Section ext.405、480、530~531 Market Management Section (Head) ext.266
Agriculture, Forestry and Husbandry Section (Head) ext.251 Market Management Section ext.263、265
Agriculture, Forestry and Husbandry Section (Agriculture) ext.248、249
Department of Education extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Compulsory Education Section ext.274
Deputy Director's Office ext.268 Social Education Section (head) ext.354
Inspectors' Office ext.270 Social Education Section ext.275
The Scouts Association Of HSIN-CHU City ext.271 Physical Education Section (Head) ext.467
Compulsory Education Counseling Group ext.277 Physical Education Section ext.269、276
School Management Section (Head) ext.273 Registration Desk ext.272
School Management Section ext.278 Special and Pre-School Education Section ext.264、371、409、482
Compulsory Education Section (Head) ext.279
Department of Public Works extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Sewage Section ext.285、393、481
Deputy Director's Office ext.280 Civil Engineering Section (Head) ext.452
Senior Engineer's Office ext.282 Civil Engineering Section ext.286、288、491
Infrastructure Engineering Section(Head) ext.385 Civil Engineering Section (registration desk) ext.287
Infrastructure Engineering Section(Registration Desk) ext.283 Maintenance Section (Head) ext.296
Infrastructure Engineering Section ext.284 Maintenance Section ext.294、295
Sewage Section (head) ext.386
Department of Urban Development extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Urban Renewal Section ext.289、384、492
Deputy Director's Office ext.433 Building Usage Management Section (Head) ext.485
Urban Design and Development Section (Head) ext.527 Building Usage Management Section(Counter) ext.451
Urban Design and Development Section ext.373 Building Usage Management Section ext.403
Comprehensive Planning Section (Head) ext.428 Building Administration Section(Head) ext.291
Comprehensive Planning Section ext.372 Building Administration Section(Registration Desk) ext.292
Urban Planning Section (Head) ext.550 Building Administration Section ext.293
Urban Planning Section ext.290、551 Four-in-one Integrated Service Counter for Urban Planning ext.489
Urban Renewal Section (Head) ext.330 Four-in-one Integrated Service Counter for Urban Planning ext.495
Department of Transportation extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Public Transport Section (Head) ext.472
Deputy Director's Office ext.461 Public Transport Section ext.475、476
Comprehensive Planning Section (Head) ext.462 Parking Management Section (Head) ext.483
Comprehensive Planning Section ext.463 Parking Management Section ext.484
Traffic Engineering and Management Section (Head) ext.465 Road Block Permission Line ext.437、438
Traffic Engineering and Management Section ext.464 Road Block Permission External Line 03-5220045
Department of Social Affars extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Social Assistance and Senior Citizens Welfare Section (Head) ext.201
Operator 5352386 Social Assistance and Senior Citizens Welfare Section ext.202~203、205~206
Deputy Director's Office ext.299 Disability Welfare Section (Head) ext.501
Social Affairs Administration Section (Head) ext.301 Disability Welfare Section ext.502~503、505
Social Affairs Administration Section ext.302、303、305 Women and Children Welfare Section (Head) ext.801
Social Works Section(Head) ext.601 Women and Children Welfare Section ext.802~803、805~806
Social Works Section ext.602~603、605~608
Department of Land Administration extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Land Consolidation Section ext.331
Deputy Director's Office ext.321 Land Valuation Section(Head) ext.325
Specialist ext.327 Land Valuation Section ext.387
Land Cadastre Section (Head) ext.430 Land Use Section (Head) ext.323
Land Cadastre Section (Registration Desk) ext.322 Land Use Section ext.326、388
Land Cadastre Section ext.324 Cadastral Survey Section (Section) ext.329
Land Consolidation Section(Head) ext.327
Department of General Affairs extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 General Affairs Section (NHI and Pensions) ext.366
Department Head’s Office ext.420 General Affairs Section (Stationery) ext.429
Deputy Director's Office ext.439 Security Office ext.352
Specialist ext.523 Fleet Management Office ext.402
Documentation Section(Head) ext.407 Information Management Section(Head) ext.340
Documentation Section(Outbound) ext.209 Information Management Section ext.336、339、511~513、583、584
Documentation Section (Copying) ext.210 Design and Planning Section (Head) ext.335
Documentation Section(General Inbound) ext.211 Design and Planning Section (Registration Desk) ext.334
Documentation Section (General Inbound) ext.532 Supervision and Evaluation Section (Head) ext.338
Documentation Section (Checking) ext.428 Supervision and Evaluation Section ext.337
Documentation Section(Meeting Management) ext.212 Service Center ext.370、425
Documentation Section(Archive) ext.224 Public Relations and Press Section (Head) ext.214
Documentation Section(Archive) ext.417 Public Relations and Press Section ext.213、415、469~471
Legal Affairs Section(Head) ext.222 Foreigner Assistance Center ext.565
Legal Affairs Section ext.223 Meeting Room 1 ext.367
Legal Affairs Section ext.453 Meeting Room 2 ext.368
General Affairs Section (Head) ext.218 Meeting Room 3 ext.308
General Affairs Section (Purchasing and Procurement) ext.215 Meeting Room 5 ext.579
General Affairs Section (Auditorium) ext.216 Grand Auditorium ext.369
General Affairs Section (Fleet Management) ext.217 Operator ext.379
General Affairs Section (Asset Management) ext.218 Bidding Center ext.418
General Affairs Section (Purchasing) ext.225、227、466
Department of Labor Affairs extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5324900 Employment Services Section ext.20
Deputy Director's Office ext.12 Employment Services Section ext.25
Specialist ext.69 Employment Services Section ext.26
Labor Relations Section (Head) ext.32 Employment Service Section(Head) ext.60
Labor Relations Section ext.33、34、63 Employment Service Section ext.15
Employment Services Section (Head) ext.24 Employment Service Section ext.17
Employment Services Section ext.18 Youth Affairs and Labor Welfare Section (Head) ext.29
Employment Services Section ext.19 Youth Affairs and Labor Welfare Section ext.16、30~31、62
Department of City Marketing extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Tourism Maintenance Section(Head) ext.542
Deputy Director's Office ext.520 Tourism Maintenance Section ext.543~546、548、642、643
Secretary of Department Director (Registration Desk) ext.546 Tourism Construction Section(Head) ext.521
Integrated Marketing Section (Head) ext.540 Tourism Construction Section ext.260~262、383、478、479
Integrated Marketing Section ext.540~541、547
Department of Personnel extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Appraisal and Training Section(Head) ext.347
Deputy Director's Office ext.342 Appraisal and Training Section ext.344、377、552
Specialist ext.376 Retirement and Compensation Section(Head) ext.591
Appointing and Dismissal Section (Head) ext.346 Retirement and Compensation Section ext.345
Appointing and Dismissal Section ext.343、538 Retirement and Compensation Section(Registration Desk) ext.389
Department of Civil Service Ethics extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Investigation Section ext.595
Deputy Director's Office ext.226 Registration Desk ext.534
Administration Section (Head) ext.350 Prevention Section(Head) ext.351
Administration Section ext.398、594 Prevention Section ext.473、493、509~510、522、593
Investigation Section (Head) ext.349
Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5216121 Account Review Section ext.358、392、460
Deputy Director's Office ext.356 Procurement Audit Team ext.450
Specialist ext.413 Final Accounts Section(Head) ext.361
Accounting and Statistics Section (Registration Desk) ext.362 Final Accounts Section ext.360、457~458
Budgeting Section (Head) ext.390 Statistics Section (Head) ext.364
Budgeting Section ext.357、391、560 Statistics Section ext.363、365、454~455、596~599
Account Review Section (Head) ext.356 Statistics Section (Registration Desk) ext.459
Police Bureau extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5224168 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade (03)524-7640
Deputy Director-general (03)526-7006 Peace Preservation Brigade (03)525-8655
Deputy Director-general (03)526-7007 Traffic Police Brigade (03)525-0382
Administration Division (03)523-5444 Traffic Police Brigade (03)542-4658
Peace Preservation Division (03)525-3304 Women and Children Protection Brigade (03)524-9995
Crime Prevention Division (03)524-2095 Xi Men Police Station (03)522-2452
Foreign Affairs Division (03)524-2103 Bei Men Police Station (03)522-2223
Training Division (03)521-3771 Shu Lin Tou Police Station (03)526-7652
Forensic Science Center (03)524-0733 Nan Liao Police Station (03)536-2334
Logistics Division (03)522-1044 Nan Ya Police Station (03)535-6710
Security Division (03)524-2091 Dong Men Police Station (03)522-2607
Inspectors’ Office (03)523-5344 Dong Shi Police Station (03)572-8758
Legal Affairs Office (03)523-1505 Pu Ding Police Station (03)577-3999
Prevention and Control Division (03)521-6593 Guan Dong Qiao Police Station (03)577-5758
Government Ethics Office (03)523-3756 Wen Hua Police Station (03)533-2120
Personnel Office (03)521-3774 Xiang Shan Police Station (03)538-6348
Accounting Office (03)524-6204 Nan Men Police Station (03)522-2224
Systems Administration (03)524-7102 Chao Shan Police Station (03)537-3165
Public Relations Office (03)528-0608 Qing Cao Hu Police Station (03)520-1563
Civil Defense Center (03)524-3359 Zhong Hua Police Station (03)530-2487
Criminal Investigation Brigade (03)522-5914
Public Health Bureau extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5355191 Laboratory Section(Chief) ext.260
Deputy Commissioner ext.102 Disease Control Section(Chief) ext.210
Secretary ext.103 Accounting Office(Chief) ext.120
Planning Section (Chief) ext.290 Food And Drug Section(Chief) ext.180
Health Promotion Section (Chief) ext.310 Mental Health And Drugs Abuse Prevention Section(Chief) ext.160
Civil Service Ethics Office (Chief) ext.150 Medical Affairs Section(Chief) ext.230
Personnel Office(Chief) ext.130 Long-Term Care Section (Chief) ext.240
General Affairs Section(Chief) ext.110
Local Tax Bureau extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5225161 Tax Enforcement Section (Chief) ext.550
Deputy Director-general Office ext.102 Tax Enforcement Section ext.561~565
Secretariat ext.110 Operation Management Section (Chief) ext.650
Auditing Section (Chief) ext.250 Operation Management Section ext.601~612
Auditing Section ext.221、222、230、240 Information Management Section (Chief) ext.600
Legal Affairs Section (Chief) ext.500 Information Management Section ext.621~632
Legal Affairs Section ext.511、513~516 General Affairs Office (Chief) ext.120
Public Services Section (Chief) ext.200 General Affairs Office ext.140~144、146~149、151~156、160~162
Public Services Section ext. 210~218 Personnel Office (Chief) ext.830
Opportunity Tax Section (Chief) ext. 350 Personnel Office ext.831~834
Opportunity Tax Section ext.320~332 Accounting Office (Chief) ext.800
Consumption Tax Section (Chief) ext.300 Accounting Office ext.810~815
Consumption Tax Section ext.311~319 Civil Service Ethics Office (Chief) ext.850
House Tax Section (Chief) ext.450 Civil Service Ethics Office ext.852
House Tax Section ext.401~417 Tax Collections ext.874
Land Value Tax Section (Chief) ext. 400 Library ext. 875
Land Value Tax Section ext.420~435 Volunteer Service Counter ext.878
Environmental Protection Bureau extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5368920 Petition Cases ext.4005
Director General Office ext.8005 Empty Houses and Open Space ext.4007
Deputy Director General Office ext.8009 Environmental Sanitation and General Services ext.4008
Secretariat Office ext.8018 Environmental Sanitation Board ext.4010、4029
Comprehensive Planning Division(Section Chief) ext.1001 Environmental Sanitation Inspection ext.4011、4013
Environmental Impact Assessment ext.1004 Rome Flag Application ext.4012、4031
Environmental Protection Volunteer ext.1008 Unauthorized Advertisements Prosecution Office ext.4012、1010
Environmental Disinfection ext.1009 Underground Water ext.4019
Toxic Chemical Substances ext.1012 Large Furniture, Broken Wood ext.4020
Environmental agents and Coastal Cleanup ext.1013 Kitchen Waste and Cooking Oil ext.4022
Technical Specialist ext.1101 Invalid Car and Clothing Drop ext.4023
Civil Service Ethics Office (Minister) ext.1201 Recycling ext.4024
Personnel Office (Minister) ext.1301 Recycling Affairs ext.4024
Report Center ext.1508 Recycling Propaganda ext.4026
Air Quality Protection and Noise Control Section(Section Chief) ext.2001 Cigarette butts and Betel nuts、Garbage Bags、Call ext.4029
Inspection of Business and Industrial Noises ext.2003 Environmentally Friendly Day ext.4033
Air Pollutant Control ext.2004 Environmental Quality Inspection Section (Section Chief) ext.5001
Science Park、Gas Station ext.2005 Water Quality Inspection ext.5002~5006
In Door Air Quality、Open Burning、Dining Industry ext.2007 Information Service ext.5007
Diesel Vehicle Control、Traffic Noises、Air Craft Noise 、High-emitting vehicles ext.2008 Waste Treatment Section (Section Chief) ext.6001
Construction Site Pollution Control ext.2009 Publicly and Privately Owned Waste Management ext.6002
Energy Conservation ext.2010 Implementation of Engineering Projects ext.6003
Traffic Noises、Non-ionizing radiation ext.2011 Industrial Waste Control and Management ext.6015
Air Quality Inspection (SIP) ext.2012 Inspection of Illegal Dumping of Wastes ext.6017
Soil and water pollution prevention and control Section (Section Chief) ext.3001 Control Number ext.6018
Gas Station ext.3002 Petition Cases Collecting ext.6019
Drinking Water ext.3003、3009 Sanitary Landfill Site ext.6020
Groundwater Remediation ext.3005 Cleaning Plans Filed Via Internet ext.6022
Rivers and streams ext.3006 General Affairs Office (Section Chief) ext.8006
Rivers and streams Monitoring ext.3010 Cashier ext.8016
Soil ext.3012 Mail Room ext.8020
Environmental Sanitation Management Section (Section Chief) ext.4001 Accounting Office (Minister) ext.9001
Public Toilet Affairs ext.4002、4008
Fire Bureau extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5229508 Fire Investigation Section (Head) ext.460
Deputy Director's Office ext.310 Fire Investigation Section ext.461~463
Secretary ext.320 Emergency Service Dispatch Section (Head) ext.350
Disaster Prevention Section (Head) ext.420 Emergency Service Dispatch Section ext.351~355
Disaster Prevention Section ext.421~428 General Affairs Section (Head) ext.400
Disaster Rescue Section (Head) ext.500 General Affairs Section ext.401 ~410
Disaster Rescue Section ext.501~503、505 Personnel Section (Head) ext.470
Disaster Management Section (Head) ext.430 Personnel Section ext.471 ~473
Disaster Management Section ext.432、433、436 Accounting Section (Head) ext.480
Training and Education Section (Head) ext.450 Accounting Section ext.481~482
Training and Education Section ext.451~453 Civil Service Ethics Section (Head) ext.490
Emergency and Rescue Section (Head) ext.440 Civil Service Ethics Section ext.491
Emergency and Rescue Section ext.441~443 Information Management Section ext.363
Cultural Affairs Bureau extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5319756 Visual Arts Section(Head) ext.240
Deputy Director's Office ext.203 Cultural Heritage Section ext.261~263、265~267
Secretary's Office ext.207 Cultural Heritage Section(Head) ext.260
Civil Service Ethics Office ext.208 Hakka Affairs Section ext.321~324
Personnel Office ext.209 Hakka Affairs Section (Head) ext.320
Accounting Office ext.204~205 Library and Information Section ext.231~239、270、273、275~276
Accounting Office (Head) ext.206 Library and Information Section(Head) ext.230
General Affairs Section ext.221~229、294 Performing Arts Section 5420121 ext.301~312、315、355
General Affairs Section (Head) ext.220 Performing Arts Section(Head) 5420121 ext.300
Arts Development Section ext.211~216、218 Museum Section ext.281~283
Arts Development Section(Head) ext.210 Museum Section(Head) ext.280
Visual Arts Section ext.241~245
East District Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5218231 Economic Development Section ext.401~406
District Office ext.100~102 General Affairs Section(Head) ext.110
Secretary Office ext.101 General Affairs Section ext.111~125
Civil Affairs Section(Head) ext.200 Accounting Office(Head) ext.160
Civil Affairs Section ext.201~219 Accounting Office ext.161~162
Social Affairs Section(Head) ext.300 Personnel Office(Head) ext.170
Social Affairs Section ext.301~323 Personnel Office ext.171
Economic Development Section(Head) ext.400
North District Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5152525 Economic Development Section ext.400~407
District Office ext.102 General Affairs Section ext.110~115
Secretary Office ext.101 Accounting Office ext.160~162
Civil Affairs Section ext.200~209 Personnel Office ext.170~171
Social Affairs Section ext.300~311
Siangshan District Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5307105 Economic Development Section ext.400、401~403、405~406
District Office ext.100、102 General Affairs Section ext.110~117
Secretary Office ext.101 Accounting Office ext.160~162
Civil Affairs Section ext.200~207、220~222、225~230 Personnel Office ext.170~171
Social Affairs Section ext.300、302~304、307、314~318
East District Household Registration Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5226020
Household Records Section(Chief) ext.130
Chief Office ext.100 Household Records Section ext.161、162、131-137
Secretary Office ext.101 General Affairs Section(Chief) ext.120
Personnel Office ext.103 General Affairs Section(Mail Room) ext.123
Accounting Office ext.102 General Affairs Section(General Affairs) ext.122
Household Registration Section(Chief) ext.150 General Affairs Section(Cashier) ext.122
Household Registration Section ext.151-152、163-173 General Affairs Section ext.121-129、191-192、173-176
North District Household Registration Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5152020 General Affairs Section(Cashier) ext.506
Secretary Office ext.600 Mail Room ext.508
Personnel Office ext.502 General Affairs Section ext.124、201、203
Accounting Office ext.503 Registration Section(Chief) ext.122
General Affairs Section(Chief) ext.200 Registration Section ext.123、101~113
General Affairs Section(Information) ext.119~120 Data Section(Chief) ext.300
General Affairs Section(General Affairs) ext.500 Data Section ext.301~305、602
Xiangshan Household Registration Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5388639 Registration Section(Chief) ext.306
Secretary Office ext.111 Registration Section ext.202~210
Personnel Office ext.114 General Affairs Section(Chief) ext.315
Accounting Office ext.205 General Affairs Section ext.310、312、314、317
Land Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5325121 General Affairs Section ext.402~403、405~406
Assistant of Director ext.106 Information Management Section(Head) ext.501
Secretary ext.102 Information Management Section ext.509
Personnel ext.103 Registry Section FAX (03)5339723
Accounting ext.104 General Affairs Section FAX (03)5337942
Assistant of accounting ext.105 Director line (03)5322859
Reception desk ext.107~108 Secretary line (03)5425026
Registry Section(Head) ext.121 Accounting line (03)5346624
Registry Section ext.122~129、131、133~135、137~143、503~507 Registry Section(Head) Line (03)5320158
Survey Section(Head) ext.201 Survey Section(Head) Line (03)5345954
Survey Section ext.202~213 Land Price Section(Head) Line (03)5420692
Land Price Section(Head) ext.301 General Affairs Section(Head) Line (03)5320049
Land Price Section ext.302~308 Information Management Section Line (03) 5345966
General Affairs Section(Head) ext.401
Zoo extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5222194
Stadium extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5621138
Family Education Center extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5325885 General Affairs Section ext.102、103、105
Director ext.100 Fax number (03)5350812
Accounting ext.101
Mortuary Services Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5220179;5221905 General Affairs section (Property) ext.203
Departmental director Office ext.100 General Affairs section (Cashier) ext.204
Accounting Office ext.300 General Affairs section (Mail Room) ext.205、212
Service section (Head) ext.101 General Affairs section (Engineering) ext.206
Service section (Staff) ext.102 General Affairs section (Information Mangement) ext.207
Service section (Counter) ext.103 General Affairs section (Office Maintenance) ext.208
Service section (Funeral parlor service) ext.104 Personnel Section ext.301
Service section (Cremation service) ext.105 Operato ext.108
Service section (Columbarium service) ext.106 Management Office ext.109
Service section (Veterans Memorial Shrine & Public cemetery service) ext.107、302 Volunteer Service Counter ext.112
Service section (Volunteer Service) ext.301 Veterans Memorial Shrine (03)5257547
General Affairs section (Head) ext.201 Dapingding Columbarium (03)5303768
General Affairs section(Purchase) ext.202
East District Public Health Center extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5236158 Nurse ext.15、17~23、25~26
Medical Examiner And Director ext.12 Clerk ext.14
Head Nurse ext.13 Janitor ext.27~28
North District Public Health Center extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5353969 Nurse ext.103~106、108~109、112
Medical Technologist and director ext.101 Reception desk ext.121
Head Nurse ext.102 Clerk ext.107
Siangshan District Public Health Center extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5388109 Nurse ext.205、206、211、212
Doctor and director ext.201 Clerk ext.209
Head Nurse ext.207 Janitor ext.203
Medical screener ext.213
Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office extension number
Operator(central number) (03)5234853 Animal Protection and Education Park (03)5368329