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Hsinchu City Government

  • Monday, 29 Nov 2021   多雲   20 ~ 25℃
  • chance of rain 20%
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Natural climate

The Windy City
Because Hsinchu is where the northern monsoon blows strongest, it is nicknamed the Windy City. Hsinchu sits on a funnel-shaped plain that is directed south-east—north-west, which increases the force of north-western and south-eastern monsoons. For instance, northern monsoon winds will be redirected as northern winds, which the terrain will concentrate into a powerful draft before it enters the city. The winter monsoon along the Hsinchu coast is strong and dangerous, as preserved in the old folk saying “Wind blows in Hsinchu, rain falls in Keelung.”
Monthly temperatures (in Celsius)
Monthly temperatures (in Celsius)
Monthly average temperature:Jan15.5°C/Feb15.9°C /Mar17.9°C /Apr21.7°C /May24.9°C /Jun27.4°C /Jul29°C /Aug28.7°C /Sep27.1°C /Oct24.2°C /Nov21.2°C /Dec17.7°C