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"Kiln Brothers: Glass and Ceramic Art Exhibition of New Taipei City and Hsinchu City" Began, Presenting Diverse Aesthetics
Publish Date:106-04-06
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Art & Culture
In order to develop art communications between Hsinchu City and New Taipei City, "Kiln Brothers: Glass and Ceramic Art Exhibition of New Taipei City and Hsinchu City" will be on display in the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum until May 7, inviting artists from two Cities to exhibit 73 artworks, Hsinchu City Mayor welcomes the public to attend.

Mayor Lin stated, in order to encourage communications between Cities and Counties, develop local distinctive industrial cultures, two Cities invited artists to co-exhibit this year, hoping to display their local characteristics through sharp observations and interpretations of emotions, while presenting diverse styles of glasses and ceramics.

The Hsinchu glass artworks included several dozens of local artists and their 41 artworks. Among the glass artworks, Li Guoyang's "Blue Magpie", Hsu Yuanrong's "Taiwan Butterfly Orchid", and Wang Meixing's "Taiwan Mikado Pheasant" all used local features as the main theme; Dai Wentai's "Depart from Hehuan Mountain" and Liu Yuxing's "Towering" reflected the beautiful scenes of Taiwan; Wong Yizong's "Blessing Light" and Lin Yixiong's "Nostalgia Song (Tong Blossom Girl)" symbolized the fusion of different ethnicities in Taiwan. Every artwork used Taiwanese Culture as the base and combined with exceptional crafting technology, creating artworks that reflected the creator's unique experience in life, Taiwan's images, local cultures and practices.

On the other hand, the ceramics are displayed in 4 categories depending on different processes of crafting ceramics; the ceramic artists used modern art as the base while combining the Chinese and Eastern cultures, creating new possibilities.

For more information, please visit Hsinchu City cultural Affairs Bureau Website ( /Facebook page, and call 1999/03-5626091.

Translated by: Kuo Ting-Hsiang


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