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Japanese, Turkish, and Malaysian Uncle join hands to take you for a food trip
Publish Date:109-12-31
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
“In Hsinchu” magazine’s newest release is coming! In the 8th issue, three foreigners living in Hsinchu will embark on a journey full of “local” exotic cuisine. With their professional experiences and their unique perspectives, the three chefs will invite their readers to a vivid journey bloomed with a myriad of tastes.
Hsinchu has a diverse population with people from all over the world with various occupations. In this issue, three owners of exotic restaurants share their insights about food and culture. Habibi’s kitchen & pizza from Turkey, Kawakami restaurant from Japan, and Kampung Boy from Malaysia, all speak about their lovely memories in Taiwan. While enjoying the foreign delicacies, they talk about things that are special to foreigners which are normal to locals.
As the oldest station in Taiwan and a national monument, the Hsinchu Railway Station is full of foreign stores and restaurants. The stores in front of the station, which extends to the moat, sell a multitude of foods and products from Southeast Asia, such as Balut (duck’s egg), fish cake, and more. Furthermore, the Jinshan street besides Hsinchu Science Park is also home to many international stores and restaurants. One who follows the editors’ secret schedule will surely get a unique experience.
According to Hsinchu’s economic development department, not only did “In Hsinchu” present a vivid “local” exotic culture, the “Daily Hsinchu” section, considering how people preferred short-distance traveling amid the pandemic period, also introduced appealing local scenery through two children tour guides. On the other hand, the “Why Entrepreneurship” section invited Round & Round’s CEO to share his startup experience with other blogs focusing on market research, newest reports, interviews, and more. The “In Hsinchu” magazine has featured a plethora of local culture and events from innovative perspectives, building a more robust link and sense of belonging between its reader and Hsinchu’s industry.


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