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Both sunset and night scenery are beautiful! Three main sunset mystery at Hsinchu seashore: 17 kilometers harp bridge, sand dune, Nangang station
Publish Date:109-08-11
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
The harp bridge, a famous photography attraction in Hsinchu, is replaced with 18 projection lights, which is more beautiful when the shy goes dark, attracting a group of photographers to shoot for sunset and night scenery. In addition, the most beautiful sunset can also be seen at “Xiangshan sand dune” and “Nangang station” of the 17 kilometers seashore line. The changes of the sky from sunset to night are known as the three main scenery of Xiangshan. After viewing the sunset, people can ride through the 17 kilometers seashore line in the night with the sea breeze. There are LED lights along the way, which is safe and comfortable. We welcome citizens to avoid hot summer and come enjoy the beautiful summer nights.
The city marketing department of Hsinchu city government claimed that the harp bridge crosses the western coastal highway. Because of the unique style, it is always a popular attraction for photographers and tourists to take photos and check in. It was even featured on the cover of the calendar of a famous Japanese camera brand in 2012. If you surf the Internet, you can find the nice view of the harp bridge at different time. Among all of them, the Xiangshan harp bridge alongside with the sunset and western coastal highway is the most popular.
The second popular scenery is the Xiangshan sand dune, which is also called “the sand mystery”. The boundless sand dune with plants such as vines and seashore vines. The netizens laugh that they seem to travel abroad because of the sense of desert. If you visit during the dusk, the sunset along with the rosy clouds make the sand dune more exotic. Hsinchu city government notified that the Xiangshan sand dune belongs to the Xiangshan wetland ecological rehabilitation area. According to wildlife conservation act, tourists cannot enter at will. Otherwise, one will be fined. People can enjoy the sand dune scenery at the bike path.
The third popular scenery is the Nangang station, which is located at the final station of the 17 kilometers seashore line, developing and reforming at the lowest limit and the lowest impact. Citizens can enjoy the nature from different aspects when visiting. For example, when you are at the skywalk and the observatory, you can see sea views, sunset, and sand dune which changes with seasons on the west side and birds in the fish farm on the east side. When the lights are on in the night, the observatory even presents a unique style.
The city marketing department said that night lights are activated when the final station of the smile seashore 17 kilometers Nangang station is completed. All the lightbulbs along the way are replaced with LED lightbulbs, plus the replacement of the projection light of the harp bridge, making night ride safer and more comfortable.


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