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Looking for safe havens for out-of-home placement children. Hsinchu city is recruiting foster families
Publish Date:109-08-11
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
Foster families are safe havens for many children when their life face dramatic changes. An out-of-home placement child in Hsinchu who is only one and a half years old is physically and mentally damaged and lacks sense of security due to burns in a young age. The foster mother adjusts his pressure garment and massages proliferating scar tissue every day to make him smile again. As for now, there are 480 thousand foster families in Hsinchu county and Hsinchu city. In order to encourage more families to invest and provide more supports, the city government has raised the out-of-home placement fees from 23,000 NTD to 27,300 NTD since 2020, inviting the citizens to participate in the seminar and training courses
The department of social affairs claimed that the city government entrusts the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Hsinchu Office to conduct foster family recruitment seminar and a total of 26 families attended. Among all of them, Chen’s family who is nearly 50-year-old has attended 3 times this year. They could not attend for a while because Mr. Chen had been diagnosed with cancer. However, he received a lot of support because of getting sick which strengthen their determination of giving back to the society. After continuous communications with their family members and supervisors, they receive support. They are now “prospective foster family” which is still under training.
Ms. Deng, who has become a foster family since 2014, said that every child coming for placement carries sad stories and frustrating experiences from the original families. Therefore, both of them need a long time for run-in. Sometimes, it is inevitable to feel tired and frustrated. But, because of the support of faith of love, she believes that “Although accompany will not be forever, every considerate care will bury a hoping seed in their heart.”
The department of social affairs claimed that it is looking forward to inviting families who have passion in taking care of weak children and teenagers to join the line of foster families, making abused children to receive suitable love and care as well as the cultivation from lovely families. We invite people ages between 25 and 65, physically and mentally healthy, holding at least a junior high school diploma, having a stable income, or having married for more than two years to join the line of foster family service, passing down for love! The consulting phone of foster team, the Hsinchu division, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families is 03-5678585.


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