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First in the country! The single window service of Hsinchu city promotes plants three-dimensional, activating Xiangshan industrial area service center
Publish Date:109-08-11
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
In order to satisfy the needs of industrial lands for the trend of homecoming Taiwanese entrepreneurs and speed up industrial upgrades and transformations, Hsinchu city government officially activated “Xiangshan industrial area service center” at Xiangshan district administration building on July 29th, providing single consulting window to assist entrepreneurs in understanding building bulk ratio bonus and actively advising and promoting plants three-dimensional to increase the industrial lands usage efficiency and expand or renew the plants.
Mayor Lin Chih-Chien said that this is the first urban industrial service center. There were “hidden champions” such as APEXLENS CO., LTD. and Spring Pool Glass on Xiangshan industrial area. Now, nearly 4 billion output value and 655 career opportunities are added to attract more entrepreneurs to march in and invest. The city government cooperates with the “development plans for industrial areas renew and three-dimensional” of the Executive Yuan, focusing on Xiangshan industrial area to activate Xiangshan manufacturing transformation project via setting “Xiangshan industrial area” and providing single consulting window to assist small and medium enterprises in solving lands usage efficiency and plants expand and renew problems in order to pass through transformation dilemma.
The department of economic development claimed that the city government will announce the plan for Hsinchu city industrial area three-dimensional and directly provide consulting for local entrepreneurs applying three-dimensional and preview service through direct line “54017888” of the service window.
Xiangshan industrial area service center said that in the plan for Hsinchu city industrial area three-dimensional, as long as the entrepreneur invests at least 450 million NTD per hectare (does not include the land price) and invests another 10 million NTD per hectare in average, the building bulk ratio will be increased by 1%. The upper limit of building bulk ratio is 15%. If you invest in solar power equipment or increase the power usage efficiency of, you can increase the building bulk ratio when meeting the conditions. The upper limit of building bulk ratio is 5%. The entrepreneur can also donate industrial spaces and apply for more building bulk ratio. The upper limit of building bulk ratio is 30%.


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