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Stay in a hotel in Hsinchu City to get NT$1000 off room rate and NT$500 worth of vouchers. Mayor Lin Chih-Chien livestreamed while riding a scooter, showing the mayor’s own travel strategy
Publish Date:109-07-22
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
Hsinchu City Government has introduced the Follow the Wind to be a Youtuber promotion, encouraging visitors to send the night in Hsinchu. As part of the promotion effort, Mayor Lin Chih-Chien rode a Gogoro while livestreaming to show the mayor’s own travel strategy. Mayor Lin said that if visitors send pictures of the best things to eat and most fun things in Hsinchu City they have a chance of winning a Gogoro or an iPhone; stay a night in one of 45 cooperating hotels and get NT$1000 off the room rate and NT$500 worth of the 6000-limited edition Good Fun Vouchers that can be used at over 100 eateries and gift stores as well as entry in a lucky draw with prizes such as a Gogoro, iPhone and one year’s supply of Hai Rei pork balls.
Mayor Lin Chih-Chien transformed into a Youtuber and rode a Gogoro while livestreaming as he revealed his list of favorite local foods: he first went to the pork floss store be has visited since he was young, Lilihau, to buy gifts; he then went to eat fried chicken at Under Six Pound, a store made famous online, then to Mixshare to eat snowflake ice; he used Good Fun Vouchers at each store. Mayor Lin said the good Fun Vouchers can be used at over 100 stores, including food stalls; stores also offer various discounts. Spend a night in Hsinchu City and receive NT$500 worth of vouchers, that’s a real good deal.   
 The City Marketing Department said the epidemic prevention new life movement is intended to let everyone have fun, shop and be romantic. Follow the Wind to be a Youtuber will accept submissions from now until the end of September and the top 10 entries will be selected by a panel of judges; the winners will receive, from the top down, Gogoro, iPhone, Pro camera and seven hotel accommodation vouchers. For details, go to

Also, from this month until the end of October, stay in one of the 45 hotels cooperating with the city government and receive NT$500 in Good Fun Vouchers (limited edition of 6000 vouchers), five vouchers worth NT$100 each. They can be used like cash at 134 eateries, gift stores and cultural and creative product stores.


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