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  • Thursday, 24 May 2018
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City News

A True Life Saver; Household Fire Alarm Saves a Family
Publish Date:107-02-08
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Disaster Prevention
Many residences and communities have altars and temples which increase the risk of having fire disaster due to frequent use of fire. Hsinchu City Fire Bureau (HCCFB) received a fire outbreak report in a residential altar on Linsen Road couple days ago; fortunately, all 3 residents were able to evacuate in time thanks to the household fire alarm.
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated that HCCFB has been promoting and offering household fire alarms. Each household has 1 free fire alarm quota, and free fire alarms can be picked up at HCCFB branches. HCCFB hoped the fire alarm installation rate in Hsinchu City will reach 100% in 2020 and maintain the record of "0 deaths due to fire disaster."
"A household fire alarm costs you couple hundred dollars, and it may help you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars or even priceless lives," said the director of HCCFB Li Shigong. He mentioned that residential altars and temples were the primary target of the fire alarm promotion due to the higher risk of fire disaster. Moreover, altars were normally located on the first floor of the building under the residential floors, which evacuation could be difficult when fire broke out. He stated that in the Linsen Road case, fire spread to all possible exits almost right after the family evacuated from the building. If not for the early warning from the fire alarm, the family's lives could be in danger; it was a successful case of household fire alarm.
Director Li stated that household fire alarm is the first line of defense against fire disaster. The alarms are easy to install, material friendly, and their white-colored cases blend them into the surroundings instead of being looked like an obstacle.
The host of the burned down altar stated that they realized the importance of the household fire alarm and decided to install the alarms in the altar last year. The fire broke out while he and his family were asleep. Only if the fire alarm woke them up at the first moment possible, otherwise they may not able to escape in time.
HCCFB reminded the public that the value of the household fire alarm is significantly more valuable than its price. Each household is able to pick up one free fire alarm per from HCCFB branches. More choices of household fire alarms are also available in hypermarkets.
Translated by: Jose

A True Life Saver; Household Fire Alarm Saves a Family

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