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  • Thursday, 24 May 2018
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Hsinchu Station Pedestrian Area is Now Opened to the Public; Premier Lai Ching-te will Support the Great Hsinchu Station Project with Full Swing
Publish Date:107-02-07
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Transportation
The landscape construction of Hsinchu Station is completed. The pedestrian area with the capacity of 1,500 people is now opened to the public. Premier of Executive Yuan Lai Ching-te and Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Hsinchu Station yesterday (6). Mayor Lin stated that he has been working on the three-step-transformation of Hsinchu Station Transformation Project (HSTP). The first step was completed which was to upgrade Hsinchu Bus Station and Railway Station Underpass. The second step was to expand the pedestrian area and establish the pedestrian walk path with rain shelters. HSTP is now moving to the third step - the Great Hsinchu Station Project (GHSP). Premier Lai approved Mayor Lin's effort and stated that he and Executive Yuan will support GHSP with full swing.
Premier Lai and Mayor Lin visited Hsinchu Bus Station, Railway Station Underpass, and the pedestrian area yesterday. Premier Lai stated that he was invited to witness the first modification of Hsinchu Station landscape since 50 years ago. He promised that Executive Yuan will provide $5 billion funds for GHSP.

Premier Lai pointed out that he had been participated in the Hsinchu Science Park X Base Project and transforming Hsinchu Taiwan Pavilion Expo into a children center. He stated that the two projects were well-planned, and he could see Mayor Lin's effort in gathering all the resources to upgrade Hsinchu City step by step such as improving and upgrading Railway Station Underpass, the City Moat, the central park, and road conditions. He stated that Executive Yuan will support Mayor Lin to upgrade Hsinchu City.

Legislator Ker Chien-ming stated that Hsinchu City Station is Hsinchu citizen's common memory, and it is also the spirit of Hsinchu City. He pointed out that this is the most important moment in the 300-year history of Hsinchu City urban development. He promised that Mayor Lin is ready to do his best in urban development.

Mayor Lin stated that Hsinchu Station is almost 105 years old. It is the oldest station in Taiwan with about 40,000 passing crowd per day. The first step and the second step of HSTP were finally completed after three years of fund applying, planning, and construction. He appreciated Premier Lai, Legislator Ker, and the parliament for supporting the constructions.

Mayor Lin used photos to compare the past with the present Hsinchu Station and explained the changes after completing the first and the second step of HSTP. He pointed out that Hsinchu Station is locating in Hsinchu City downtown area; however, it was not well-organized in the past. There were four major problems in Hsinchu Station such as traffic jam caused by people getting on/off buses, poor traffic plan, poor landscape, and messy environment. Mayor Lin spent three years to gradually improve the impression of Hsinchu City.

The first step of HSTP improved the traffic issues caused by buses and upgraded the bus station environment. Additionally, Hsinchu City Government solved the leakage issue in Railway Station Underpass that had not been solved for 50 years. The new environment attracted couples to take wedding photos. In order to establish an accessible space, elevator was added to Railway Station Underpass.
The second step of HSTP improved the traffic plan and the landscape which removed the illegal stands and illegally parked scooters and rearranged the bus stops. Furthermore, the pedestrian walk path with rain shelters and the pedestrian area were established in Hsinchu Station. The surrounding environment was beautified with plants in order to present a better quality environment for pedestrian.

Mayor Lin stated that the third step is to activate the GHSP. Hsinchu Station will not be restricted to transportation usages; Hsinchu citizens will be able to enjoy shopping, urban green space, and other quality public facilities. GHSP will restore the greatness of this hundred-year-old station and make it a new landmark in Hsinchu City. GHSP has been putting in progress in full swing. To better present Hsinchu City's unique feature of a city that mixed with history and technology, the new station will be a combination of elegant retro-style front station and contemporarily designed rear station.
Translated by: Lin Chenhao

Hsinchu Station Pedestrian Area is Now Opened to the Public; Premier Lai Ching-te will Support the Great Hsinchu Station Project with Full Swing

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