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Premier Lai Ching-te Visits Leling Hsinchu City Branch; He Approved the Idea of Combining Long-term Care with Technology Games
Publish Date:107-02-06
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Social Welfare
Premier of Executive Yuan Lai Ching-te, Minister of the Interior Yeh Jiunn-rong, and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung visited Leling Health Promotion Association Hsinchu City Branch (LLHCB) with Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien yesterday (5). The branch combined technology with long-term care and improved elders' reaction and coordination through games. Premier Lai stated that he was impressed that the branch could utilize technology games to take care of elders.

The Council for Hakka Affairs approved LLHCB as the rank C long-term care station. LLHCB contained the latest rehabilitation machines – "Billionaire – Lohas Brain Machine" and "SODA Lohas Cognitive Training Machine." The machines could be used with Alzheimer's auxiliary treatment APP which added more fun elements to elders' rehabilitation.

"We must support Mayor Lin," Premier Lai said after visiting LLHCB. The arrangement of LLHCB impressed him that it did not seem like a rank C station. Premier Lai had been served as the mayor of Tainan City, and he achieved many local self-governance records. He stated that Mayor Lin is one of the mayors who has ability to break his records.

Mayor Lin pointed out that Long-term Care 2.0 is one of the major policies President Tsai Ing-wen focused on. In order to promote long-term care, Hsinchu City Government especially established the long-term care section last year to gather the resources. He appreciated elders for building up a basis for Hsinchu City.

Mayor Lin pointed out that he could see the urban technologize features in LLHCB even though it was located in the southern countryside of Hsinchu City. The equipment in LLHCB was provided by Yuanpei University of Medical Technology. Additionally, the "Video Chat Anywhere" launched by the city government last year offered elders a webcam service that they could talk with their family members on the TV screen.

Mayor Lin stated that long-term care is a hard work; however, he is confident that he will be regretted if he is not doing it. The city government also cooperated with local universities and encouraged young people to participate in elder care volunteering.
Minister Chen pointed out that Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) invested $1.22 million funds in LLHCB's facilities which is the branch that has been invested the most among all rank C branches. Additionally, LLHCB added various Hakka featured elements and was able to develop the technologize feature that other branches did not have. Member of Legislative Yuan Ker Chien-ming pointed out that long-term care is one of the major policies of the current government. He wished the city communities and chiefs of the villages could work together for the city.
Hsinchu City Public Health Bureau (HCPHB) pointed out that LLHCB used to offer community elders health service, and it started to serve elders with feebleness and physical challenged people in 2016. The branch had been approved by the Council for Hakka Affairs to found the elder service and care station in 2017. LLHCB served local elders diligently and implemented the spirit of Long-term Care 2.0.
HCPHB pointed out that Mayor Lin has been actively promoting Long-term Care 2.0 after he was elected. Furthermore, the city government established long-term care section to gather the resources during April in 2017, and set up 2A-4B-11C long-term care branches in Hsinchu City. So far, it passed the first phase of MHW foresight infrastructure construction project ($58.14 million dollars). The future plan is to activate 10 community spaces and establish more local long-term care branches.
Translated by: Lin Chenhao

Premier Lai Ching-te Visits Leling Hsinchu City Branch; He Approved the Idea of Combining Long-term Care with Technology Games

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