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Hsinchu City Children Are Us Restaurant Offering Chinese New Year Dishes! Pre-order Discount Lasts until February 5
Publish Date:107-02-02
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Public Administration
Hsinchu City Government stated on Feb. 1 that Hsinchu City sheltered workshop – Children Are Us Bakery & Restaurant collaborated with Children Are Us Foundation and introduced New Year dishes. The new dishes will be available in the restaurant salad bar section for customers to try. Deadline for the discount price is Feb. 5. Don't miss this chance to support mentally retarded children and enjoy gourmets for low price!
Children Are Us Foundation Chairperson Xiao Shuzhen stated that under the donation and the technical support of Artist of Frozenfoods (Han Dian Foods), Children Are Us Restaurant was able to produce simple frozen food products. As an extension of the restaurant business, the additional frozen products also increased job opportunities for mentally retarded children and allowed the sheltered workshop to better serve its purpose. The new dishes include braised pork knuckles, grilled pork ribs, red braised milkfish, garlic chicken pot, etc. All dishes are in between $270 and $759 dollars.
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated that Children Are Us Bakery & Restaurant have been assisting mentally retarded children to develop skills and see the values in themselves. The restaurant also collaborated with the city government to establish elderly-friendly restaurant. Hsinchu City Government is looking forward to work with more private enterprises and make Hsinchu City a better place.
The director of Hsinchu City Government Department of Labor Affairs Huang Jinyuan explained that Hsinchu City Government has invested over $7 million dollars as the subsidy of operating expense in the 3 Hsinchu City sheltered workshops this year, and the workshops hired 42 new employees and 7 internships to work or receive work training; hoping that person with disabilities can be self-dependent through learning and working.
The discount price deadline is Feb. 5, and the last delivery date before the Chinese New Year is Feb. 9. For the New Year related products, please go to Hsinchu City Children Are Us Bakery & Restaurant or call them at 03-5748134. The public is welcomed to try the New Year dishes in the restaurant salad bar section.
Translated by: Jason

Hsinchu City Children Are Us Restaurant Offering Chinese New Year Dishes! Pre-order Discount Lasts until February 5

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