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Dongmen Market Becomes a Restless Club; Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien invites the Public to Celebrate in the Musical Party Night Together!
Publish Date:107-01-30
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Latest News
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien has been actively revising Dongmen Market. 10 young entrepreneurs, who are proficient in different areas such as regeneration art, metal crafts, and indigo dye, had introduced their featured shops into Dongmen Market couple days ago. Hsinchu City Government will be hosting a musical party "Dongmen Market – Musical Party Night" from 18:00 to 00:00, Feb. 3.
The director of Hsinchu City Government Department of Economic Development Wu Jiatian stated that Chris Liao (Liao Wenqiang), Cliff, Anniedora, Eada (Liu Yida), Crispy (Cui Yuetuan), and Forest Bear (Band) are invited to "Dongmen Market – Musical Party Night." From 18:00 to 00:00, the hundred-year-old market will become a vigorous place that combines with grocery shopping, art, gourmet tasting, and music.
Mayor Lin stated, Dongmen Market was established in 1900, renovated in 1977 and became the first market in Taiwan that was organized by sections, the first market that had an escalator, and also the most prosperous market in Hsinchu City. However, the public's consumption behavior changed as hypermarkets and convenient stores rose, which caused the business of Dongmen Market to fall.
Mayor Lin stated that Dongmen Market was part of his childhood. He felt emotionally connected with the market and had been thinking how to revive it ever since he took the place as the mayor. He visited Dongmen Market many times as field inspections and many shop owners who were over 80 years old were still dressed up formally; waiting for their old customers and hoping to see Dongmen Market to bloom again. Hsinchu City Government, NTHU, and Rotary Club have collaborated together and gather imaginations and creativities of youth to revise this meaningful place.
Mayor Lin stated that he is confident that Dongmen Market will have a brand new appearance after he implements a series of projects. He also invites the public to experience the fusion of tradition and innovation, and join the most long-lasting event Hsinchu City Government has ever held – Dongmen Market Musical Party Night.
Mayor Lin pointed out that the City Government prepared $20 million dollars to improve the earthquake resistance of Dongmen Market, and another $20 million dollars to improve the environment and hardware of the market such as lighting, floor plan, entrance imagery, and signs. He also believed that young entrepreneurs and their ingenuities will be able to attract more youths to station in the market.
The chief secretary of NTHU Lu Pingjiang stated that both Dongmen Market and NTHU are over one hundred years old. NTHU used to hire a car just to carry NTHU professors' wives to Dongmen Market for grocery shopping. NTHU feels honored to be a part of the old market reviving project. The ex-director of Rotary International 3500 area Zheng Huangui stated that Dongmen Market had been through many major changes. He looked forward to stay in the Dongmen Market reviving project in the future and make the market prosperous again.
Translated by: Jason

Dongmen Market Becomes a Restless Club; Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien invites the Public to Celebrate in the Musical Party Night Together!

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