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Christmas Market, Christmas Train Surrounding the City Moat; Wish Everyone a Warm Christmas
Publish Date:106-12-25
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Festival
2017 Love Hsinchu Festival "Christmas Market" debuted in the afternoon of Dec. 23. 52 stands were gathered in the Beida Park and the City Moat around the Shijie street section. The Christmas Train favored by children also showed its appearance and served the public. The Christmas Market was crowded with the enthusiasm citizens wishing each other a warm Christmas.
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated he replaced the New Year's Eve celebration with the December Love Hsinchu Festival event series. The theme of this year's Love Hsinchu Festival is "Say Love Out Loud." He stated that it took a lot of people and efforts to build a comfortable environment. The beautiful and romantic City Moat riverside was called Waterfront Park before it was renovated, and it was not a very attractive place for the citizens. It took a lot of efforts, manpower, and time to make the park a friendly place as it is now. Hsinchu City Government had invited many young and innovative businesses to the City Moat riverside and shared their crafts and delicacies with the public.
2017 Christmas Market included 52 stands and covered gourmet, decorations, appliance and many others. Families and friends strolled between the stands, enjoyed the gourmets, or rested on the riverside stairs and watched shows on the stage; laughter and excitement of the children on the Christmas train; the crowd and the colorful market had brought energy and warmth to the old City Moat riverside during the chilling winter.
Many Hsinchu City local businesses had joined the market for the first time such as the popular French dessert "S.A.W Café & Pâtisserie," the local tea shop "Chengbian Warm&Wall," the hidden gourmet "Robin's Kitchen," and the "Kirakira Sweet" dessert shop established for pleasing the owner's daughter. These young businesses had their own distinguished characteristic and were the spotlights in the market.
Translated by: Shen Pochun

Christmas Market, Christmas Train Surrounding the City Moat; Wish Everyone a Warm Christmas

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