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Hsinchu City Transnational Learning and Communication Group Visiting World-Leading Companies such as Apple, Google, and Intel
Publish Date:106-11-08
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Education
"Transnational Learning and Communication Group (TLCG)" made of 18 students and a school principal across the Hsinchu City area, went to Cupertino City in America to experience the exotic culture and life, and as well as to enhance their international perspective.
TLCG students were arranged to live in host families and went to Kennedy Middle School and Monta Vista High School. The first-hand experience on western life style and education had made them more independent.
Huang Kaiyun, a student from Chien-Kung Senior High School, stated that unlike the Taiwanese classes which always demand students to sit on their own seats with discipline; classes in America were more vigorous where students were sitting in groups and required a lot of discussions.
Led by the principal of Guanhua Junior High School, TLCG visited one of the best universities in the world – Harvard University, and one of the best community colleges in United State – De Anza College. They also had a tour to the giants of technology industry - Apple, Google, Intel, Cisco, and Portwell.
The most impressive experience was the designs of the Google headquarter situated in San Francisco. The place contained bikes and many outdoor facilities with Google’s signature colors red, blue, green, and yellow. Ingenuities and collections could also be seen everywhere; unlike technology companies in Taiwan, students genuinely felt Google's intention of creating a healthy and lively environment for its employees.
Introduction and guided tour from Cisco and Portwell commissioner about "Industry 4.0" also amazed the students. The smart factory had shown them the new generation of industries; they realized that they will have to accumulate their knowledges, resources, and form a lifelong learning habit in order to face the fast evolving environment.
During the farewell party Taiwanese students used "crosstalk" to introduce the beauty of Hsinchu City. Cupertino City Mayor Savita Vaidhyanathan also attended to the party and stated that the best way of building friendship between cities is through student exchange.
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated that the City Government had dedicated on education development. He hoped that TLCG students could learn from western education and the merits of the world-leading companies through this transnational studying and touring experience, and open up more potentials and possibilities for the children from Hsinchu City.
Translated by: Shen Pochun

Hsinchu City Transnational Learning and Communication Group Visiting World-Leading Companies such as Apple, Google, and Intel

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