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Come and visit the “Home under the Big Chimney” Achievement Exhibition
Publish Date:110-05-07
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
The Former Imperial Japanese Navy’s Sixth Fuel Factory in Hsinchu is the largest surviving World War II military-industrial site in Taiwan. With the efforts of Hsinchu City Government, the site has become part of the “Regeneration of Historic Sites” project funded by the Ministry of Culture, investing nearly NTD$90 million. Mayor Lin Chih-Chien said that the “Home under the Big Chimney” Achievement Exhibition will be held in May. With all the cultural and historical exhibitions, installation art, markets, and military dependents’ village cuisine, visitors can experience the simple and caring life and spirit of the past military dependents’ village with their five senses.

Mayor Lin Chih-Chien said that the Former Imperial Japanese Navy’s Sixth Fuel Factory was established in 1943. The big chimney factory base was formerly an emergency power plant. Now, the 60-meter-high big chimney has become a landmark in the City. After WWII, the factory was used as residence spaces for veterans and their family, forming a view of “houses within houses” and “houses in the sky.” It witnesses the tough life of the residents of the military dependents’ village.
According to the Ministry of Culture, “Home under the Big Chimney” Project Achievement Exhibition takes Taiwanese food and farming culture as its inspiration. It incorporates the dietary customs of the military dependents’ village, presenting the unique "mouth-watering tastes under the chimney." During the one-month exhibition, different events will be held, including the Big Chimney Market and the Green Market, as well as the Big Chimney Herb School, Bat Sitter Workshop, hand-made workshops for pop-up books and clay, and so on. In addition, Big Chimney guided tours, Sixth Fuel Factory related literature and history introduction, and “Encounter/Vision of Sixth Fuel Factory” installation art exhibitions will be held. At the same time, Yang Han-Qiao, the selected artist in the first period of the residency program in Art Site of Railway Warehouse of Hsinchu City, is also invited to take his art creation, Lulu, with him and interact with the children. The event will last until May 31st. For details, please check the FB page:


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