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City News

Hsinchu City New Campus Movement inspects 340 school buildings; the next stage will see NT$450 million spent on rebuilding school buildings
Publish Date:109-07-27
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:News
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-Chien launched a New Campus Movement when he took up office more than five years ago and to date NT$485 million has been spent on the program. Mayor Lin announced that in the next wave of the program, NT$450 million will be spent on renovating or rebuilding the buildings at five schools, namely Jiadong Elementary School, Gangnan Elementary School, Hsinchu Municipal Nursery, Guangwu Junior High School and Hsinchu Elementary School Affiliated Nursery. Also, full safety inspection of the 340 buildings of the city’s 46 schools has been carried out and those that failed to meet requirements for earthquake resistance coefficient have been listed for rebuilding or reinforcing to give all the city’s students safe school buildings.
Mayor Lin Chih-Chien’s Campus Movement first involved full onsite safety inspections  of 340 buildings at 46 schools to see if they meet the requirement of the K-12 Education Administration for earthquake resistance coefficient of 1 and above. All buildings have been listed for earthquake resistance strengthening or rebuilding or brought under related plans. To date, improvement of 29 school buildings has been completed and 44 are undergoing rebuilding.

To give students and teachers and architects a chance to talk face to face, Hsinchu City held the 2020 New Campus Movement Work Camp in which architects were invited to help students and teachers and stimulate their imagination about school buildings; student and teacher representatives of Hsinchu Elementary School Affiliated Nursery, Guangwu Junior High School, Gangnan Elementary School and Hsinchu Municipal Nursery all attended the meeting and came up with ideas and engaged in discussion about all-new school buildings.

Deputy Mayor Shen Hui-hung said on a visit to the workshop that Hsinchu City attaches importance to children’s requirement and seeks to give them the best living environment from a young age and nurture their values; in future, when the children  have grown and things that need to change are seen, that will be the motivation for change.
The Department of Education said the new wave of the New Campus Movement is intended to make school buildings more “considerate”. At present, students and teachers have formed ideas about their school buildings and will discuss them with  designers in future with the hope that buildings that really meet the needs of students and teachers can be designed.


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