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Hsinchu festival impresses kite enthusiasts from across the world
Publish Date:107-10-09
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Festival
The two-day Hsinchu City International Kite Festival, which concluded on Sept. 9, has been praised by kite enthusiasts and professionals as one of the best events in the world to fly kites.
Zheng Kai-yuan (鄭凱元), director of the Asian Kite Forum, and Li Hui-long (李輝隆),   chairman of the Malaysia-based Asian Kite Forum Federation, said Hsinchu is the only place that has a world-class kite field so close to the city center. A Swedish kite professional also said the Hsinchu field is the best kite-flying competition venue in the world.

Located in Nanliao Fishing Port, the eight-hectare kite field was built as part of the city government’s effort to promote Hsinchu tourism. After four years and an investment of over NT$11 billion, the Old Nanliao Fishing Harbor was transformed into a recreational area to help revitalize local industries and increase job opportunities.  
Last year, the first edition of the international kite festival received positive ratings. This year, starting with the launch of a mermaid kite designed by master kite maker Buteo Huang (黃景楨), the festival has attracted more kite professionals and hobbyists from around the world, who are participating in a wide variety of activities.

In the future, the annual International Kite Festival will become iconic in Hsinchu and will boost tourism in Nanliao, the city’s Mayor Lin Chih-chien (林智堅) has forecast.

Hsinchu festival impresses kite enthusiasts from across the world

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