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City News

Cai Junzhang's Ink Painting Exhibition Started Yesterday in Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Bureau
Publish Date:107-08-31
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Art & Culture
Cai Junzhang's Ink Painting Exhibition started yesterday in Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Bureau's Jhusyuan Gallery (竹軒畫廊) and Meide Gallery (美的隧道). There are 60 artworks in the exhibition; the public is welcome to come to the exhibition.

Art is the best way to relieve stress. Cai Junzhang had served as Deputy Director-general of Ministry of the Interior, and his paintings were well-related with his police career. Although he was busy from police work, he used art creation to relieve stress. Each of his paintings was painted with the ideas came from his daily life.

Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Bureau stated that Cai Junzhang started to learn ink painting from his teacher Fei Xi in 1965. His painting – "Fountain under the Waterfall (瀑下流泉)" acquired a honorable mention in National Arts Competition in 1971. After then, he dedicated to police work but never giving up with ink painting. After he retired from Ministry of Interior, his paintings have been inviting to exhibit in national and international exhibitions and received great feedbacks.

Cai Junzhang stated that comparing to painting mountains and rivers, painting shrimps and crabs are more suitable for people who work in police agency. Since it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to finish a painting, it is easier for him to balance the time between painting and police work.

The Ink Painting Exhibition will last till September 9. The public is welcome to visit the exhibition. For detailed exhibition information, visit Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Bureau website, call 03-5332841, or call 1999 the public service line.
Translated by: Lin Chenhao


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