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The First Professional Rescue Diving Team in Taiwan is Formed
Publish Date:107-04-25
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Police and Fire Administration
Since Hsinchu City contains many rivers and lakes with frequent water activities, Hsinchu City Fire Bureau (HCCFB) assembled the first "professional rescue diving team" in Taiwan. 17 members with excellent diving skill had been selected to join the professional rescue diving team in regard of their diving experiences. HCCFB plans to train them for 3 years and develops their diving skills and rescue abilities in order to deal with rescue missions in Hsinchu City or other cities and counties.

HCCFB will organize short, medium, and long distance diving trainings in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively. The second phase of the diving training was held from Mar. 26 to Mar. 30 in Houbihu (Kenting, Pingtung County). The purpose of the training was to enhance the concepts and skills of rescue diver and helped the training members to get the rescue diver license. Next, they stay in Ministry of the Interior National Fire Agency Training Center to focus on public safety diver training and team work from Apr. 23 to Apr. 27. They will acquire the advanced license of rescue diver (ERD2) in the end of the training.

Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated that his goal is to establish the most livable and the happiest city. Hsinchu City Government (HCCG) had actively applied $1.37 million NTD from the central government and prepared $870,000 NTD to purchase 30 sets of water rescue personal equipment, 10 sets of dry suit diver, and other diving equipment for HCCFB. HCCFB will enhance diving training and water rescue skill in order to protect the public.
The categories of the diving training this time include advanced buoyancy control, underwater navigator lesson, deep diver lesson, and night diver lesson. The training members have to pass all 4 categories and completed 25 dives in order to acquire SDI (Scuba Diving International). Additionally, the trainees have to do their trainings 30 m below the water surface with temperature lower than 20℃ in night diver lesson.

Commissioner of HCCFB Lee Shi-kung stated that apart from implementing the annual professional diving rescue training, HCCFB still has to complete the planning of diving rescue training and deployment module for emergency assistance to other cities and counties. HCCFB will have coaches that are qualified to issue diving license after the long distance diving training is completed in 2020. Therefore, HCCFB will be qualified to hold the diving training for new personnel and issue diving license by its own. This will effectively reduce the training and coaching expense.
Translated by: Lin Chenhao

The First Professional Rescue Diving Team in Taiwan is Formed

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