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Hsinchu Forest Greenland Guardians are Activated! Mayor Lin Chih-chien: Keep Our Environment Clean Together
Publish Date:107-03-06
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Environmental Protection
Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau (HCCEPB) invited villages and enterprises around Hsinchu Forest to form "Greenland Guardians." They will perform patrols and reports around the area and keep the green environment green together.
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien pointed out that he had been improving urban greens since he was elected. He connected Hsinchu Green Trail, Cultural Green Trail, Qinshui Park on City Moat river side, Longen Zun, Sanmin Park, and Zhongyang Park to form a 4-km long Hsinchu Forest so that Hsinchu City citizens would be able to enjoy their leisure times and lessen their stresses in these urban greens.
Mayor Lin appreciated Wenhua, Shuitian, Qinren, Jinhua, Datong, Fuzhong villages, Hsinchu Agricultural Products Marketing, and Big City for their collaboration on forming Greenland Guardians. So far, there are around 190 Greenland Guardian members devoting their times to keep Hsinchu Forest clean.
"Maintaining is more important than building," Director of HCCEPB Chiang Shangren stated. In order to ensure the fastest response time for cleaning up the environment, Green Guardians use technological inspection pattern that small garbage will be pick-up when spotted and large garbage or damaged facility will be reported to relevant agency to be dealt with.
Director Chiang stated his appreciation towards Green Guardians and hoped that citizens can be inspired by their cleaning and reporting activities and keep the public environment clean and tidy together. He wished to lift the living and environmental quality of Hsinchu City to match international standards and make Hsinchu City a livable city with greenness.
Translated by: Javier


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