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The First "Digital Smart Parent-Child Center" in the Nation is Now Put into Use; Mayor Lin Chih-chien: The Smart Air Quality Monitoring System will Keep the Air Quality on Track
Publish Date:106-12-07
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Latest News
In order to improve indoor air quality, Hsinchu City Government had set an example and built a demonstration site in the Digital Smart Parent-Child Center (DSPCC). Hsinchu City Deputy Mayor Shen Huihong hosted the opening ceremony of DSPCC yesterday (6). DSPCC implanted with an air quality monitoring system that using the idea of IoT (Internet of Things) which synchronizes and integrates high-tech products such as the "smart meters" and "cloud management." The system is able to monitor and improve the indoor air quality simultaneously 24 hours a day.
Deputy Mayor Shen stated that DSPCC is a demonstration about how to improve indoor air quality, and it is also the first parent-child center implanted with smart technologies. JNC Technology has participated in design planning of the smart air quality system; the company provided and installed advanced devices in the center such as smart air quality sensors, smart plugs, and smart window opener. Whenever the carbon dioxide content reaches a certain level, the system will report the abnormality to the managing crew and as well as activates relevant devices to adjust the carbon dioxide content.
Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien stated that 18% of the population in Hsinchu City is below the age of 14; thus, air quality is an essential factor in regard of building a child-friendly environment. Hsinchu City Government had installed 97 air purifiers in multiple public preschools and benefited about 3000 children, and also upgraded the Parent-Child Center, which is loved by the children, to be the first digital smart childcare resource center that provides fresh air.
"Excellent air quality is an indication of an advanced city," said Mayor Lin. He mentioned that in order to improve the air quality, the city government had signed the "Using Low Polluting Full-Sized Diesel Vehicles Agreement" with 8 transportation companies, and assembled "Great Environmental Protection Motorcade." Asides from reducing the diesel vehicles' pollutant emissions, the city government also set up a 4-kilometer long forest "Qian Jia Duan Air Purification Zone" with over 3000 trees and launched Open Green Project which is expected to increase 281,107 square-feet of green coverage.
Hsinchu City Bureau of Environmental Protection (HCBEP) appealed that the public starts to pay attention to indoor air pollutants, and indoor air pollutants are indeed harmful. HCBEP has requested the places on the tracking list to match the regulations and also paid extra attention to children-related areas. HCBEP hopes that there will be more places that are willing to enhance their indoor air quality autonomous management through this demonstration. Please contact HCBEP specialist for relevant matters.
Translated by: Shen Pochun

The First "Digital Smart Parent-Child Center" in the Nation is Now Put into Use; Mayor Lin Chih-chien: The Smart Air Quality Monitoring System will Keep the Air Quality on Track

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