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"Plastic Shores" Movie Lecture Tours and Filed Trips- Promote Environmental Education
Publish Date:106-09-14
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Latest News
In order to promote the concepts of sustainability and environmental protection, Hsinchu City Government plan environmental protection promoting events for different students in different grades; there will be 18 events, 9 "Plastic Shores" movie lecture tours and 9 field trips, the first event will begin on September 18. Mayor Lin Chih-chien wishes the concept of environmental protection to pass down to the next generation through hosting educational events.
Department of Economic Development, "Plastic Shores" is a 2012 documentary directed by independent producer Edward Scott-Clarke, aiming to remind the public about the issues of ocean pollution; the documentary will reveal how plastics endanger marine ecosystem, our life and health.
Mayor Lin stated, beside from movie lecture tours, there will also be field trips this year, inviting environmental protection association to guide students in Hsiangshan Wetland, Jincheng Lake, and Gaofeng Road Old Tree, allowing students to use their five senses to understand the ecosystem.
Translated by: Kuo Ting-Hsiang

"Plastic Shores" Movie Lecture Tours and Filed Trips- Promote Environmental Education

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