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Zhong Xia Art Season, Folk Art Series to Launch This Summer, Mayor Invites All
Publish Date:105-07-20
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Latest News
2015 Zhong Xia Art Season will launch the Folk Art Series on July and August. Jioten Art Troupe and Minghua Acting Troupe and Taiwan Acrobatics and Wulin Theatre will bring 4 exciting performances. All of them will be free and the mayor invites all to join and experience the childhood memories of going to a temple festival to watch folk performances.
In the press conference hold on the 19th at the city hall, the Taiwan Acrobatics brought a face changing act and hoop dance; all are highly difficult and required years of practice. The mayor pointed out since the first Zhong Xia Festival last year, the Festival is widely enjoyed by citizens, always packing the venue full. Many parents say Hsinchu City’s children have a good life because they don’t need to go out of the city to enjoy such folk performances. This year, from June to September, there will be 8 events and have children performances as well.
This Saturday, Jioten Troupe will be performaing in Putengong Temple. Lottery games will be provided with lots of gifts from gold bars and chains to brand name bags. 7/31, Ming Hua Troupe will be performing behind the train station. 8/6 Taiwan ACrobatiics will be at the Xiangshan Tenhougong Temple, 8/26 Wulin Theatre will be at Xiangshan Tauxuanxinggong Temple. All will start at 7pm, free of charge.


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