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  • Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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City News

The Volunteers Give Practical Thermos Bottles to Warm Up the Disabled Elders
Publish Date:106-12-21
Units:Department of General Affairs   Category:Social Welfare
December is the month of appreciation. In regard of the low temperature in recent days, Hsinchu City Government gives out thermos bottles as Christmas gifts to 120 disabled elders (over 65 years old) in Hsinchu City. Apart from providing care services and living assistance service to them, the volunteers bring the practical thermos bottles (prepared by the City Government) for the elders; hoping that the bottles can warm up the elders during the winter. The elders are very happy to receive this Christmas gift from the City Government.

The City Government states that most of the disabled elders require assistances due to low income and incapability of independent living. Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien values elder cares and actively promotes LTC (Long-term Care) 2.0 Policy. Additionally, he utilizes community care station and table sharing canteen to enhance elder care service.

Mrs. Liu is an 84 years old lady who has been living alone since her husband passed away, and her independent living skill is gradually getting worse. She appreciates the volunteers for the care. "This Christmas gift (thermos bottle) is convenient for making hot tea and filling hot water," Mrs. Liu said with a smile and a V-sign.

"The thermos bottles are not only filled with hot water but also the warmth." Mr. Hong is living in Nanliao, and he lost his sight and half of his left arm by accidently picking up a dud (unexploded bomb) when he was 13 years old. Therefore, there are a lot of inconveniences in his daily routine. The assistance from the LTC 2.0 volunteers had greatly improved his daily life. Mr. Hong appreciates the volunteers and the City Government for the cares.
Translated by: Lin Chenhao

The Volunteers Give Practical Thermos Bottles to Warm Up the Disabled Elders

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